ISPO Expo Munich 2019

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For those of you that have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen that Aline and I just got back from ISPO Munich 2019! We took a bus and a couple trains from Lake Constance up to Munich and fortunately, stayed with some family in Starnberg, a beautiful town just outside of Munich. A couple hours on a train, with a dog and you would need a Red Bull to study German also!

ISPO is the largest leading trade fair in the sports industry. And believe me when I say this, it…was…HUGE! It took forever to find places because the fair was spread out over 200,000 square meters in 18 different halls. We were fortunate enough to have our friends Patrick from and Luca spend two solid days with us scouring through hall after hall to find the best cycling brands.

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On the first day, we had to battle the snow on the way up to Munich. Once we got inside, we realized how much fun it was going to be searching through the biggest trade fair in outdoor sports. The halls included Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban, Teamsports, Vision, Trends, Innovation & Industry Services, Manufacturing & Suppliers and of course the awesome ISPO digitize.


Samaya Equipment

One of our first stops was at a company called Samaya. Since we were sourcing out bike companies, it occurred to me that we needed to cover the topic of bike packing. So, how does an 850g, waterproof, breathable, 2.5 person tent sound? Yeah, sounds good to me too. Samaya has tested their packable tents above 4800m meters high with winds exceeding 70 km/h and temperatures lower than -20°C. I couldn’t believe how light it was and how much space it gives you when its set up. One of the most convenient parts about these tents is that they fit into a small 3 liter package. This is definitely something I would consider for a weekend bike trip away or even a longer tour through Germany.


Let’s keep this short. The guys over at Kruschhausen Cycles know what they’re doing. More people are finally letting go of the need to drive their gas guzzling cars around everywhere and are choosing to commute by bike. It keeps you in shape, gets you outside and even opens you up to the community of cyclists all over the world. BUT there is always a downside. Sometimes, bikes are just too big to transport around everywhere. For those of us that are lucky enough to have a train or bus around we know its not always that easy to take a full size bike around. For that reason, Kruschhausen came up with a full size, folding bike that only stands 74cm high and 101cm long.

You can see a video of me riding it HERE




I personally like brands that are all rounders. Meaning, a brand that carries cycling clothes, maybe a bag or two, and some nice accessories. The main reason is that if I like the quality of one piece, most of the time, the same level of quality will be in their other products. When we stopped at the massive Vaude booth, I couldn’t help but notice their new line of bike packing gear which can be found HERE. The design is great, the colors pop, and they’re super light weight. Vaude has always been known for making great quality cycling products, but it was great to see what they had to offer along the lines of bike bags, new cycling clothing, and street apparel. Who knows, maybe it would be a nice pairing to bring a Samaya tent on a bike trip with some Vaude gear? If you think me and Aline should do it, let me know in the comments.


Therm-ic gloves pic.jpg

As some of you may know, the move from California to Germany has done a number on my hands and feet. My search for affordable and warm gloves really hasn’t left me any choice but to source out heated gloves. After my in depth Google search of why my hands hurt in the cold, I stumbled upon Reynaud’s. So the mission was on.. Perusing the halls led me to find THERM-IC. The THERM-IC range of products includes heated gloves, insoles, and socks, as well as heating and drying systems. Apparently people with Reynaud’s have been using THERM-IC gloves for years now to help balance the temperature in their hands and feet. “For winter sports, the cold and extreme weather conditions are bothersome. In the worst-case scenario, they can cause injuries, frostbite or cold related illnesses. We have made it our mission to develop portable heating systems that are easy to use, and will enable us to protect the entire body.” Sounds like something that we can all benefit from in really cold weather. I may have to get a pair and test them in this German winter. #notincaliforniaanymore


SKINNERS - Promotion


In this world of innovative new products, there’s always that one thing that you didn’t think you needed. Then you get it, and realize how amazing it is! Well, that’s how I feel about Skinners. When the barefoot shoes came out, I never hopped on the bandwagon, but “Sock Shoes” are completely different. Sure, they may look a little different than the canvas-covered rubber shoes by your door, but before we judge, let’s take a look. Skinners was kind enough to let me, Aline, and the crew test out a pair and so far, they’re amazing! First of all, they’re extremely durable and really comfortable. You can literally use them ANYWHERE! Walking, running, gym, cycling (which I will be testing soon), surfing, hiking, driving, traveling, etc… They are machine-washable, 80g, handmade in Europe and even won the Red Dot Award in 2017.


Once the weather heats up I’ll be able to do a more in depth review of their outdoor use in mountains, on the bike and in an everyday setting. These appealed to me so much because of their versatility. As a road cyclist, it gives your feet the opportunity to move freely after being clipped in all day. Maybe you climbed a mountain and want to go higher but you have to climb up some rocks. Maybe you got into town and don’t feel like click-clacking around in your cleats. Skinners roll up and fit in a jersey pocket so don’t worry about needing extra storage. The Skinners motto is “MOVE WITHOUT LIMITS.” I have to say, a couple walks around the block and you’ll be moving without limits too!


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Showers Pass

Before I found out about ISPO, I was wandering through the Instagram universe and found Showers Pass. I saw that they had a pair of Merino socks that are waterproof and thought, I have to try these! Fast forward a week later, I’m meeting the owner Steve, at their booth! I definitely feel a true passion for cycling thats backed by some good stories as well. ! “Based in Portland, Oregon Showers Pass is made up of a small team of outdoor enthusiasts who bike, run, hike climb and play in the outdoors.  In 1997 Showers Pass was born from the desire to develop clothing and gear that would get people out on their bikes no matter the weather.” Being that I’m still building my “winter gear” collection, I knew I needed to get in touch with them to learn more about their waterproof socks and gear. I highly recommend you check out their site and read some of their reviews also. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out some of their gear in the near future because as I am writing this, we’re in the middle of “Warning for Gale Force Winds” announcements and tons of rain!



If you’re a cyclist, you need cycling glasses. No, not because I said so, but because when you’re going downhill you need to keep the wind out. When it rains/snows you need to keep the water out. When it’s sunny, guess what? Yep…you need to keep the sun out. So fortunately, my favorite cycling glasses happened to be at ISPO! I currently have a pair of the Limited Edition Sagan Speedcrafts that I wear on almost every ride. 100% is supporting some of the best pros out there whether its snow, road or MTB. It was really great to chat with these guys and see some of the new product line for 2019. You’re going to want to check out their new line, trust me.



If your thing is getting warm, which mine has been lately, then Brubeck might just be your answer. “BRUBECK thermoactive clothing was designed for those who are physically active and exposed to different atmospheric conditions (temperature, wind, humidity).” Their line of clothing is meant to adapt to each season and they’ve harnessed some of the best yarns around the world to provide a high quality thermoactive layer. I managed to grab a merino cap as well that I used on a ride recently. It kept my head nice and toasty under the helmet without heating up too much!


Outdoor Heaven?

It’s almost overwhelming being surrounded by so many different outdoor brands. It seems like they’ve invented everything you can (and can’t) possibly imagine and put it all in one place. Everything from the Frozen Power Vegan ice-cream bars with 15g of protein to the DiPulse EMS body suits that stimulate your muscles through an app. Among the other great brands like GIRO, SCOTT, and Oakley were Ryzon with their elegant array of cycling and triathlon gear, MIPS Brain Protection System which I’m pretty sure saved my life once already, Cybic’s Amazon Alexa powered Smart Bike and so many more!

After venturing through all the halls, talking with inspiring people, catching a couple pics with influencers like Fabio Wibmer, we were exhausted and ready to go home. The outdoor industry has so much to offer and ultimately I hope that reading this gives you a bit more help as far as what products might help you out there while on your bike or simply enjoy a day or two in nature. Stay tuned for what’s to come with some new brands and of course be sure to check out ISPO 2020 because I can only imagine what they’ll have next year! Wherever you are in the world, enjoy your day/night and if you have any questions, leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!