About Me


I’m Mitchell Dick - Former Holistic Life Coach & Bike Shop Manager, turned nomadic cyclist. I grew up in Venice, California and stayed there until October, 2018. My life as a cyclists really started around 2011 when I hopped in the fixie scene. I switched to FGFS, then stopped riding to compete in track and field in college. I studied Cognitive Neuroscience/Psychology because of my fascination with people and our behaviors. After a year, I decided that kind of schooling wasn’t for me and dropped out to startt working.

After I dipped my toes in entrepreneurship, a friend of mine recommended I try mountain biking. I rented a bike, drove up to Sullivan Canyon and immediately found out how out of shape I was! Shortly after, I was buying a hardtail MTB to commute around and hit the local trails. I was hooked! A week later, I had a job at The Bike Shop Santa Monica (formerly Bike Attack). It all just felt so right. Living and working in LA meant celebs, foreigners and different cultures were the daily norm.

December of 2017, a new friend of mine thought I should try out a road bike. A couple calls, some hard work and I was on a Bianchi Oltre XR3!!! Fast forward a year: I’m now a “roadie” despite the painful trials of crashing, tight clothes, being hit by a car, and the mental struggle that comes along with it. That friend ended up becoming my girlfriend and we decided to move to her home country, Germany on October 2nd. Cycling lit the fire inside me to ride all over the world, pursue a life full of passion, in my truth and free from a 9-5. I lost touch with a part of myself and cycling helped me find it again!